Kekova Tour

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The ever-popular Kekova gulet tour includes a visit to the Sunken City and Simena – but unlike the coach tours, the rest of your day will be spent relaxing on the sundeck and diving into the cooling sea on one of our many swimming breaks.

Departs from Kaş harbour at 10am.

Inonu Bay 11am

Leaving all our cares behind us in Kaş, we head off into the glowing morning sun, on the ancient sea-route to Kekova, and take our first refreshing swim in the tranquil Inonu Bay where its sparkling turquoise waters are too blue to resist…

Kekova – Aquarium Bay 12:30pm

Our next location is between two islands, giving the impression of a secluded bay of water and so is suitably named Aquarium Bay. With high visibility it’s a chance to get the snorkel and mask out and admire the abundant marine life just beneath the surface. A tasty barbequed lunch will be served on deck.

Kekova – Sunken City 2pm

After lunch we haul anchor and slowly cruise along the length of Kekova island, passing directly above the Sunken City. Dolichiste, as this city was known in ancient times, was a thriving part of the Lycian empire until it was destroyed by an earthquke in the 2nd century. Now partly submerged, you’ll see details both above and below the waterline, including a harbour wall, the outlines of Roman villas and baths and the ruins of early churches.

Kekova is truly unique on the Mediterranean coast and is a protected site which means no swimming is permitted in the area of the sunken city, but plenty of opportunities for photos.

Simena & Kaleköy 3pm

Simena, across the Kekova straits, is an outcrop topped by a fortified castle which is open for visitors. To stand up at the citadel and view the surrounding islands in the Mediterranean sea and the ancient Lycian lands is a sight to behold. The village of Kaleköy, nestling beneath the castle, is a maze of tiny footpaths – there are no cars here, as Simena can only be accessed by boat or on foot. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the castle and tombs, alternatively rest in one of the shady cafes selling home-made icecream.

Yaglica Bay 4pm

Crossing to the quiet Yaglica Bay you can dive into its pristine waters to cool down in the afternoon sun. A refreshing and tasty Turkish tea will be served on deck.

Sulu Island 5:30pm

Finishing our tour of the day we will have time for one more dip at Sulu Island, where its silky waters will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for an enjoyable evening in Kaş.

Kaş 6:30pm

Return to Kaş harbour.